What we do

Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to be visible, equal and established artists. Intoart’s artistic programme consists of four core strands:

1. Studio
2. Independent Projects
3. Young people and Mentoring
4. Intoart Archive

Intoart’s Public programme of exhibitions, events & publishing aims to impact on policy & practice across the fields of contemporary art, learning disability & education.


Intoart, What we do, Studio

The studio is the main focus of Intoart’s activity and a space for artists to make, learn and share ideas.

Independent Projects

Independent Projects support the progression of artists beyond the studio to design, develop and realise their own artistic programmes.

Young People and Mentoring

Intoart, Mentoring

‘Practice Makes’ is a pioneering programme of Artist Mentoring by Intoart artists with learning disabilities working with young people with learning disabilities in transition to leaving school.

Intoart Archive

Intoart, What we do, Archive

The Intoart Archive is artwork and research relating to Intoart’s studio, exhibitions and events. The purpose of the archive is as a tool to activate further learning, thinking and making. Established in 2013, over 1500 artworks have been archived in the first 2 years.