What we do

Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to be visible, equal and established artists. Intoart’s artistic programme creates opportunities for production, leadership and audience engagement.

Art Studio

The Art studio is the main focus of Intoart’s activity and a space for making, learning and sharing ideas. The studio programme runs every weekday. Activity ranges from our Art Foundation programme where people experience Intoart for the first time through to artists developing ambitious bodies of artwork to exhibit as solo artists.

Design Studio

The Design studio spans illustration, product and graphic design, print, textiles, ceramics and fashion. Intoart Design develops limited edition prints, distinctive products and crafted items through creative collaborations. Intoart Design has launched collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart and at House of Illustration Fair and London Illustration Fair.

Artists Direct Change

‘An equal platform for emerging visual artists’
Intoart / 20 years / 2020

Intoart will be 20 years old in 2020. By 2020 we want to share our successes but also question why there remain so many barriers to inclusion for people with learning disabilities in contemporary art programmes and discourses.

The Artist Direct Change programme will show how by investing in artists we can address low expectations, othering and cultural exclusion. We will challenge the presumptive use of the term ‘Outsider’ in relation to people with learning disabilities, learn from, and contribute to contemporary discourses. Subscribe to the Artists Direct Change mailing list to keep track of the programme.

Solo Artists

Solo Artists projects support the progression of artists beyond the studio to design, develop and realise their own artistic programmes. Mawuena Kattah’s two year programme Patterns of People included a placement at the V&A ceramics studio, a solo exhibition at Tenderbooks, and inclusion in the Real To Reel Crafts Council Film Festival. Ntiense Eno Amooquaye’s Artist Audio Recorder programme included a new body of work including performance, text and image, realised in a solo exhibition at The Poetry Library Southbank Centre. In 2017 Ntiense Eno Amooquaye received an Artists International Development Fund grant to research and develop new work at Texture Museum, Belgium.

Exhibitions and Events

Intoart’s public programme of exhibitions, events & publishing aims to impact on policy & practice across the fields of contemporary art, learning disability & education. Exhibitions include Whitechapel Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, Poetry Library Southbank Centre, Tate, Peckham Platform, and internationally at Texture Museum, Belgium.

Young People and Mentoring

‘Practice Makes’ is a pioneering programme of Artist Mentoring by Intoart artists with learning disabilities working with young people with learning disabilities in transition to leaving school. Artist mentors work in schools, art colleges, galleries and the Intoart studio to share their skills and experience with young people. Projects are long-term, involving high levels of contact time to develop mentor/mentee relationships and high quality public exhibitions.

Intoart Archive

Established in 2013, the Intoart Archive includes over 2000 artworks and research relating to Intoart’s studio, exhibitions and events. The purpose of the archive is as a tool to activate further learning, thinking and making. The Intoart Archive is used by curators to undertake studio visits with artists and to develop exhibitions. To learn more about the Intoart archive you can view our Live Archive film and also a Tate commissioned Animating the Archives film about our archive. Documentation is also available on our website of accompanying Live Archive events at Tate Britain and Tate Modern.