Victoria and Albert Museum

Mawuena Kattah


This display and event at the Victoria and Albert Museum bought together Mawuena Kattah’s significant body of work in ceramics, textiles and works on paper with a new film, screened for the first time, and a new artists’ book.

The film, which documents Kattah’s working process, including the production of her 48-tiled frieze as part of her placement in the V&A Museum ceramics studio, can be viewed HERE.

Kattah’s work draws upon an extensive personal archive of family photographs taken in Ghana spanning a number of decades, plus recent studio photographs of family taken in London. She brings people and pattern together in complex, vibrant compositions. Her work embodies a strong sense of community, creating environments that invite the subjects of her portraits and others to share in a growing social fabric of people, artworks, ceramics and textiles.