Somerset House

Intoart – Collect 2020


For Collect International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design at Somerset House, Intoart presented ceramic works by Mawuena Kattah and her new collaboration with textile practitioner Laura Slater. Their new series of unique textile works embody a strong sense of pattern, mark-making and narrative found in family and personal iconography culminating in large scale hand screenprinted linen works. Seven fabrics adorned the walls of the space including individually realised work and collaborative designs by Kattah and Slater.

From an impressive selection of over 42 stands Intoart are proud to have been awarded ‘Outstanding Display by a Gallery’.

Two major acquisitions were also made by the Victoria and Albert Museum for their permanent collection – the ceramic tiled frieze ‘Auntie, Mum and Me talking about my Fabric Collection’ by Mawuena Kattah and ‘Eye’ screen printed linen (Pink colourway) collaborative fabric design by Mawuena Kattah and Laura Slater.