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Bloom – York Art Gallery


Twenty three works from the Intoart Collection are on loan to York Art Gallery from 23rd June to 8th October for its exhibition Bloom. We are thrilled that our first major loan includes works from such a wide range of artists each with their own unique take on the exhibition’s theme.

The exhibition explores the notions of nature and green spaces, enhancing personal creativity, learning and well-being with works from York Art Gallery Collection alongside loans from the Intoart Collection and Richard Saltoun Gallery.

On loan from Intoart are artworks by Stanley Galton, Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye, Christian Ovonlen, Dawn Wilson, Philomena Powell, Clifton Wright and Aysen Aktu spanning drawing, print, painting and poetry.

Intoart houses nearly 5,000 artworks in its collection. A publicly accessible loaning resource for researchers, curators, galleries and museums the Intoart Collection is a physical and digital archive of original artworks made over the past 23 years in the Intoart Studio.

Find out more about the exhibition HERE.

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