Flat Time House

Art Deco Zebra Crossing | Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye


Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye’s practice integrates the visual, written and spoken word through print, text, image and live performance. After two years in discussion with John Latham’s poetry, writing, and the domestic space of FTHo she brought these elements together for a new performance piece alongside a series of new paintings.

Central to the presentation is a stage set comprised of a velvet dressing screen and silk wall hangings that act as a backdrop for the performance of a poem written and performed by Amooquaye and presented here as a short film.


The works are made with the domestic scale of Flat Time House in mind. To perform the poem, she has designed a bespoke printed silk dress featuring hand drawn motifs that reference recurring themes in the text. Completed in 2021, the performance builds on previous performances ‘The Vocal Project’ at Peer, London (2018), and ‘Dress Poems’ at Museum Texture Kortrijk, Belgium (2017) exploring the intersections of writing, scenography and performance.

Amooquaye’s series of six new paintings on paper, completed in the summer of 2021, incorporate bold images and handwritten text. This work combines textual and visual research developed in the artists’ home during lockdown in 2020. The paintings reference the Suffragettes and the Black Lives Matter movement. Titles include: ‘Africa The New Work of Experience’, ‘Different Sides of People Talking of Their Power’, ‘The Language of Rights’ and ‘Justice Overview and the Roots Shooting Up’. (Ntiense EnoAmooquaye 2021)