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A Lion in the Studio


A Lion in the Studio
The Intoart Collection Exhibition 2023

Thursday 29th June to Sunday 2nd July 2023
Open daily 10 – 6pm

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A Lion in the Studio celebrates twenty two artists working at Intoart’s studio in Peckham. From the architecture of Ghostbusters to hip Nineties street-fashion, the restorative calm of nature to the unabashed joy of dancing to pop music, the artists explore their respective passions. Themes of community, cultural identity and the politics of everyday pleasure are recurrent motifs throughout the exhibition.

Copeland Gallery, Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN

Exhibiting Artists

Andre Williams | Aysen Aktu | B Taylor | Christian Ovonlen | Clifton Wright | Danielle Green | Dawn Wilson | Ishaq Beckford | Jordan Moody | Kevin Jacobs | Lisa Contucci | Lisa Trim | Luigi Lollobrigida | Mawuena Kattah | Nancy Clayton | Nick Fenn | Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye | Philomena Powell | Samuel Jegede | Stanley Galton | Uduehi Imienwanrin | William Mukui

Supported by Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, City Bridge Trust, Southwark Council and Lightbulb Trust.

With thanks to Bowl Grabber Wine and Hiver Beers