Mawuena Kattah Shortlisted for AWARD 2021 – British Ceramics Biennial

We are excited to share news that Mawuena Kattah is one of ten artists selected to create new work for the British Ceramics Biennial’s (BCB) headline exhibition AWARD.

AWARD will form the focal point of the BCB festival, held in the China Hall of the original Spode Factory in Stoke-on-Trent this September.

‘This years exhibition platforms ambition and creative risk taking within the developing field of contemporary ceramics. It seeks to celebrate the talent and achievements of leading professionals who are pushing the boundaries of their individual practice and advancing contemporary ceramics practice’ (BCB).

Mawuena Kattah’s success in being shortlisted for AWARD 2021 follows increasing recognition of her work including the significant purchase by V&A East of her large scale ceramic frieze: ‘Auntie, Mum and Me talking about my Fabric Collection’ in February 2020 and her award for ‘Outstanding Display’ at Collect International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design in the same year.

Mawuena has produced ceramics and textiles, alongside drawing and painting, to make richly layered compositions and installations. These personal, exuberant and complex fusions of texture, pattern, colour and motif use decoration to tell stories or create social scenes that speak to community, friendship and kinship.

Catherine Ince – Chief Curator V&A East