Mawuena Kattah – Patterns of People programme

Mawuena Kattah New Ceramic Works

Mawuena Kattah has completed a large scale, hand painted ceramic tile frieze working at the V&A ceramics studios. She will exhibit a new body of work at Tenderbooks in the summer of 2016, including a series of painted ceramic vases, printed fabrics, limited edition prints and works on paper. The ceramic tile frieze marries imagery Kattah has drawn from photographs of family and African batik fabrics gathered in Brixton Market. 

“In Brixton Market I feel happy, it’s friendly. I like looking at the patterns from Ghana and Africa. I take pattern fabrics back to the studio. In the studio I planned out 48 tiles, looking at my artwork together with photographs of my aunty Comfort and my mum wearing a love heart purple dress. Me wearing a leaf and diamond pattern head scarf and dress with the snake pattern from Brixton market hanging behind me.” Mawuena Kattah

Mawuena Kattah is currently undertaking a placement in the V&A Museum ceramics studio as part of her two-year ‘Patterns of People’ programme. The work draws on her photographic and research material of family portraits and textiles from Ghana. This new body of work will be made public in 2016 through a series of exhibitions and public events, film screenings, a new book and online archive. ‘Patterns of People’ is a two-year programme of artistic development and the realisation of a new body of work by Mawuena Kattah supported by Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts. Find out more on our website here

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