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10 artists share their own research and artwork from the Intoart Archive. Screened as part of Intoart’s Live Archive event at Tate Britain in 2014.
First screened at the Victoria and Albert Museum in November 2016. Documenting Mawuena Kattah’s working process, including the production of her 48-tiled frieze as part of her placement in the V&A Museum ceramics studio.

Artist Audio Recorder, 2014. Screened at The Saison Poetry Library and Tate Britain in 2014.

See Revolutionary Art Exhibit, 2009. Documenting a live performance by Ntiense E. Amooquaye at the opening of Intoart’s exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery.
A film by Tate in their Animating the Archives series about the Intoart Archive and our Live Archive events at Tate. You can watch the film here on the Tate Website.
Four short films made according to instructions given by Ntiense Eno Amooquaye, Mawuena Kattah, Doreen McPherson and Clifton Wright. Installed as part of ‘See The Revolutionary Art Exhibit’ at Whitechapel Gallery in 2009. Films made by Lenka Clayton.