Textiles Collection

Textile collection exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of London Design Festival 2017.

Mawuena Kattahs dancing fish and kissing birds inspired by William De Morgan ceramics brought together in a beautiful repeat pattern. Andres’ masks and mirrors combine texture, line and silhouette in an arresting grid of images. Philomena Powell’s bold organic shapes draw upon her research of the V&A ironwork collections, scaled up to dramatic affect. Ntiense Eno Amooquaye’s print takes her poem ‘The Model’ and visual research of the V&A’s ‘Underwear’ exhibition into a new and ambitious print as a backdrop for performance.


Textile hangings, screen-printed on linen, are designed and hand-editioned by four Intoart artists in a new collaboration with textile designer Laura Slater.

Intoart artists screen-printed their hand-editioned lengths of linen in the Printed Textiles department at the Royal College of Art.