Corali and Intoart present – A New Body of Work

Tate Exchange – 5th Floor Tate Modern Switch House, October 12th, Performances at 2pm and 4pm.

Over the past eighteen months Corali and Intoart have been working together as part of the Tate Exchange programme to begin ‘A New Body of Work’. In an ongoing exchange of practice artists from Intoart and Corali have visited exhibitions taking place at Tate Britain and Tate Modern to develop new ways of working. ‘A New Body of Work’, is the collaborative work-in-progress performance and artwork resulting from this exchange.

Bethan Kendrick performs a new movement score immersed in large scale site specific drawings by Clifton Wright, bringing together each artist’s unique approaches to drawing and shared interest in the figure, architecture and abstraction, ‘there is a connection between the figure and architecture.’ Clifton Wright.

At the centre of the work presented by Paul Davidson and Ntiense Eno Amooquaye is a poem, mixing repeated choruses written by Davidson and verses written by Amooquaye. Light projections by Amooquaye and her live reading of the poem accompanies a performance by Davidson who has also referenced the ‘Mind and Movement’ resource developed by Studio Wayne McGregor (a Tate Exchange associate). Together these diverse elements combine to explore themes of flight and metamorphosis.

No booking is required for this event but if you would like more information please contact

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