Nancy Clayton


Nancy Clayton is a dancer and visual artist, her large scale drawings and paintings are informed by her experience and observation of the body in motion. These complex figurative compositions balance the weight and momentary flight of the body while also capturing an emotional intensity shared through performance.

‘I put figures together, as a theme, a collection of people and colours, the colours create different atmospheres. I look at dancers, how they float and how they stand out and how the anxiety is moving out of them. Sometimes my drawings are like dreams, that make you feel weird, sometimes ghost like, the eyes are coming towards you the colours are melting away. They have different expressions there is fear and calm behind the eyes.’

‘I want people to know that people with a disability can be artists. Not an outsider. Being an independent artist means getting work out there, moving forward and not being invisible with our disability.’ Nancy Clayton 2022

Solo Exhibitions
  • 2022
  • Jazz Portraits - The Sourcing Table
Group Exhibitions
  • 2023
  • A Lion in the Studio - Copeland Gallery
  • 2022
  • An Octopus with Boomerangs - Copeland Gallery
  • 2019
  • Intoart Annual 2019 - Peckham Levels
  • 2022
  • Government Art Collection