Change Your Mind | 20 Years Programme


For our 20th year, Intoart launch ‘Change Your Mind’ a programme of exhibitions and events taking place in and around Peckham, South London. The programme will present The Room by Andre Williams, The Performance by Ntiense Eno Amooquaye, The Meal by Mawuena Kattah, The Exhibition at Copeland Gallery, The Design Collection and The Intoart Annual.

The title of our 20th anniversary programme is inspired by the artwork ‘Change Your Mind’ by Andre Williams, whose striking text based works, including ‘It’s a Disaster’, ‘Hard Labour’, ‘Fun’ and ‘Glum’ challenge and entertain with unmatched efficiency and wit.

Our 20 Years programme is an invitation to celebrate artists and artwork that in the words of Andre Williams, really can ‘Change Your Mind’.

Intoart at 20 Years

Intoart was founded 20 years ago when co-founders Ella Ritchie and Sam Jones left art college and started the first ever Intoart project in Peckham, South London.

Our ambition then was to build a studio where people with learning disabilities have equality of opportunity to practise as artists. 20 years later, based at our fully resourced art and design studio at Peckham Levels, we look forward to sharing work by artists who have built extraordinary bodies of work over many years and have led the way in driving the ambition of the organisation.

Due to the current health crisis exhibitions and events previously announced as part of Intoart’s 20 Years public programme will now take place in 2021.



Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye
Instagram: @neaartist
Mawuena Kattah
Instagram: @mawuenakattah.artist
Clifton Wright
Instagram: @cliftonwrightartist
Yoshiko Phillips
Andre Williams

‘Change Your Mind’ is developed by Intoart as part of our Artists Direct Change’ programme, working with people with learning disabilities practising as artists, curators, writers, museum and gallery directors and commissioners to achieve meaningful change through exhibitions and public discourse.

Artists Direct Change
Steering Group:

Kirsty Ogg, Director, New Contemporaries
Melanie Keen, Director, Wellcome Collection
Eliza Gluckman, Deputy Director and Senior Curator, Government Art Collection
Deborah Smith, Head of Programmes (Interim) Serpentine Galleries
Jo Capper, Collaborative Programme Curator, Grand Union
Cheryl Jones, Director, Grand Union
Alessandra Cianetti, Curator, Writer, Founder of performingborders research-platform
Ella Ritchie, Co-founder and Director, Intoart
Sam Jones, Co-founder and Programme Manager, Intoart

Quotes from the Steering Group

“For nearly 20 years, Intoart has been doing incredible work supporting people with learning disabilities, supporting them to operate successfully as practicing artists while challenging society’s perceptions about disability. The Artists Direct Change project is a major new initiative that will significantly increase the visibility and viability of some of these artists. I am proud to be associated with this work and to support Intoart.” Kirsty Ogg, Director, New Contemporaries

“Intoart’s ambition is to create an equal platform for these important emerging voices in the visual arts. It is an exciting time to join this conversation and support the Intoart team as they approach this important milestone”.  Eliza Gluckman Senior Curator & Deputy Director, Government Art Collection 

“Intoart is one of the most inspirational organisations for their enduring contribution, passion and belief in working with people with learning disabilities practising as artists. I’m delighted to have been invited to contribute as part of the steering group in their mission of investment in artists and widening the debates of exclusivity within the visual arts”.  Deborah Smith, Head of Programmes (Interim) Serpentine Galleries

“Grand Union is delighted to be contributing to the Steering Group for Intoart’s ‘Artist Direct Change’ programme which will significantly develop strategies for growing relationships and opportunities working with people with learning disabilities practising as artists, galleries, museums, and arts organisations nationally”.  Grand Union, Gallery and Artists’ studios